Listening for Wellness


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Dr. A. A. Tomatis


2005 Independent Publishers Award:

"Listening for Wellness" received the IPPY Award for the best book published in 2005 in the category of psychology and mental health.

2008 Eric Hoffer Award:

"Listening for Wellness" received the 2008 Eric Hoffer Award as a notable book in the Legacy category.

Léna Tomatis, wife and collaborator of Dr. Alfred Tomatis:

Pierre Sollier knows his topic: he followed the teachings of Tomatis during several decades, attended his seminars, shared his experiences as a practitioner of the Tomatis Method …This is not a simple introduction, but a masterly presentation…”

Don Campbell, musician, lecturer, author of The Mozart Effect:

“I am pleased to see Pierre Sollier´s new book, Listening for Wellness.  Here is an accessible, interesting and firsthand approach to the wide world of potential that lies ahead for parents, students, teachers and musicians.”

Joshua Leeds, author of The People of Sound and Sonic Alchemy:                                 

Every human can greatly profit from understanding the theories of Dr. Tomatis. One could not find a more insightful practitioner and translator of the Tomatis work than Pierre Sollier, who presents this complex work in a heartfelt and easily understandable manner.