Listening for Wellness
An Introduction to the Discoveries of Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis

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Dr. A. A. Tomatis
A total of 35 studies were published on the impact of the Tomatis Method of auditory stimulation. The largest number of publications deals with treating learning disabilities, showing that a variety of learning disabilities are effectively treated by the Tomatis Method. Several small scale research projects on autism have been reported, showing that about 60% of the autistic children benefit from the Tomatis intervention. Several studies show that the Tomatis intervention accelerates the learning of foreign languages. One of these shows that the Tomatis intervention reduces the time to obtain a correct pronunciation by half. Two small scale study documents the positive impact of Tomatis Training on the voice. Other studies show that Tomatis Training facilitates child birth and reduces the time of labor. Other studies show positive effects on stuttering, retardation and on a range of psychological disorders. For details, please read the attached PDF file.