Second Print

Listening for Wellness

An Introduction to the Discoveries of Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis
With Forewords by LÚna Tomatis and Don Campbell

Table of Contents
Dr. A. A. Tomatis


The Mozart Center Press proudly announces the publication of Pierre Sollier's award winning book "Listening for Wellness". According to LÚna Tomatis, it is not just a simple introduction, but a masterly presentation of the discoveries of her late husband, Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis.

Even though the book is an in-depth presentation of the work of Dr. Tomatis, it is easy to read thanks to the many examples taken from the practice of the author.

This is a "must read" book for parents, teachers, psychologists and musicians. To get a flavor of the book, please see the Table of Contents and the Summary page. You can purchase the book online by clicking the Purchase link.

For more information on the Tomatis Method, please see